Our Services

We offer consulting services to biotech firms, pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions focusing on integrated preclinical drug discovery and strategic planning. We specialize in all aspects of early discovery, from evaluation of drug discovery programs to hit-to-lead optimization. We concentrate on overcoming constraints and identifying the shortest path to success.

We will work with you to develop a discovery strategy and identify solutions to generate high-value results. We have established strategic alliances and we can bring in additional resources to help your organization optimize its effectiveness in critical areas. We will work closely with you to guard your proprietary knowledge of the technology and any hidden value of your target.

We can help you identify potential sponsoring opportunities through our extensive professional network, obtain venture funding and, as you meet your milestones, obtain additional funding.

Our core services include the following:


  • Identify and evaluate innovative technologies.
  • Provide strategic planning, including all aspects of early discovery from evaluation of drug discovery programs to hit-to-lead optimization.
  • Provide strategic planning for technology improvement.
  • Develop coherent scientific and business objectives. Advise on how to prioritize approaches, projects and programs.
  • Evaluate and improve your services, product and technology, performing tactical problem solving, supporting multidisciplinary teamwork, and implementing highly efficient processes.
  • Design and create core-screening centers. Conceptualize target-identification, assay development and screening programs.
  • Design workflow management strategy.
  • Develop a comprehensive risk management program.
  • Provide external collaboration management, including management of academic and biotechnology company collaborations.
  • Design custom-made collaborative models to achieve mutual benefits.
  • Perform competitive analysis and identification of your company’s location on the discovery landscape.
  • Establish controls to guard your proprietary intellectual capital.

Lab Startup

  • Design and create core-screening labs.
  • Implement infrastructure support to foster customer-focused high-throughput screening (HTS) and structure-activity relationships (SAR) services.
  • Coordinate lab build-out and provide infrastructure support.
  • Identify, validate and implement equipment purchase and installation.
  • Provide program and project management at whatever level of oversight your business requires.

Drug Discovery

  • Conceptualize, identify and evaluate drug targets.
  • Design screening compound libraries and facilitate library purchasing.
  • Support all aspects of early discovery, including:
    • Assay development
    • High-throughput screening (HTS) and high-content screening (HCS)
    • Hit identification and hit-to-lead chemistry to lead-optimization
    • Lead profiling
    • X-ray crystallography
    • Immunoassays
    • Protein biomarkers
    • Detection technologies
  • Provide solutions for molecular biology, overexpression, purification, assay development, high-throughput screening and high-content screening.
  • Optimize leads, including small-molecule lead profiling
  • Our Medicinal Chemistry specialists, with both biotech and large pharma industry experience, can guide delivery of clinical candidates in most of the major therapeutic areas. We offer:
    • Evaluation of drug targets
    • Strategies to develop initial chemical matter
    • Efficient experimental design and data collection to qualify leads and candidates
    • Strategies to develop intellectual property space


  • Evaluate need for exterior services that complement your internal capacities and resources.
  • Identify high-quality and cost-effective Contract Research Organizations (CRO).
  • Provide vendor project management.

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